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Crisis Management

Perception is reality. Or, as we like to say, "a crisis is when someone thinks it is!"

Even when you know that your corporate and operational reality is sound, what matters most is what others think. Knowing this sentiment will help you prepare for and deliver on what’s most important to your stakeholders while ensuring continued confidence in your company. If you’re involved in a high risk business, it’s critically important that you are prepared. Your reputation depends on it.

Crisis management preparedness is more than the documentation of procedures and roles and responsibilities. It’s ensuring your employees, customers and suppliers share your mindset, are committed to contingency planning and integrated into the process. It’s ensuring the needs of families of employees, shareholders and regulators are considered. It’s respecting the public’s right to know and supporting the media’s responsibility to ensure that happens.

Carah Worldwide offers comprehensive and customized crisis communications and issues management programs.

"Your understanding and experience of the marine business and media crisis management from the sharp end ensured your recommendations and solutions enabled us to accelerate decision making when it’s needed most."

Keith Trotter, Shipping Manager, Commercial and Shipping Group, RasGas Company Limited