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Carah Worldwide has helped leading organizations achieve top results. Click on the links below to take a look at some recent client testimonials.

Video Production, Kinder Morgan Canada, June 2012

"Not only was Kim a pleasure to work with, but she was results focused and her strategic ability to bring together many with differing needs to a common objective was inspiring. Her knowledge of and relationships within the BC marine community was a key to success, as was her positive attitude and dynamic energy. She delivered a top notch product that met many objectives on time and within budget. I hold Kim in high regard and would recommend her in a heart-beat."

Lexa Hobenshield, Manager, External Relations, Kinder Morgan Canada

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Crisis Awareness and Media Management Workshop, International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO), May 2012

"Kim Barbero presented a workshop on crisis media management to our association members at our recent annual meeting in Providence, RI. Expertly delivered by Kim and her associate Jocelyn Fraser, the fast-paced workshop was one of the highlights of the four-day meeting, providing excellent information and practical hands-on exercises. The workshop really engaged the members, with great discussion, questions and answers, and a take-away toolkit that will be very useful should such PR situations arise. Perhaps best of all was the level of preparation and customization that Kim applied to the workshop based on our industry segment, allowing her to facilitate a session that spoke specifically to our members' experiences and needs. Carah Worldwide did an excellent job for us."

Steve Wellmeier, Executive Director, International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), May 2012

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Community Advisory Panel Facilitator, Chevron Canada Burnaby Refinery, January 2012

"It's been a genuine pleasure working with you - a truly consummate professional - for the past two years as our Community Advisory Panel Facilitator. On behalf of all of us at Chevron, thank you for your expert guidance and the valuable contribution you've made to the refinery's ongoing efforts to foster constructive collaboration with our local community."

Ray Lord, Manager, Public & Govt. Affairs, Chevron Canada Burnaby Refinery

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Crisis Management Assessment, Teekay Marine Services, September 2009

"Kim, Jocelyn (Fraser) & John (Staynor),

Thank you for conducting such a thorough assessment of Teekay’s incident response processes and structure. Your approach to crisis management supports an integrated approach linking response readiness to corporate reputation. At Teekay, we thrive in a culture of continuous improvement and place a high priority on emergency preparedness. Your findings validated our strengths and identified where we could further improve. The biggest value, however, was in your recommendations that are now being implemented globally."

Graham Westgarth, President, Teekay Marine Services

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Crisis Awareness & Media Training, MISC Berhad, July 2009

"The workshops you delivered to our Management Committee and other key executives this week were nothing short of world-class. Thank you for customizing a program for us – one that takes into account our work culture, requirements and goals. It was one of the most interactive, energetic sessions attended by our senior management team and we look forward to working with you as we continue to put measures in place to evolve and protect the MISC brand."

Fiona Clare Pereira, General Manager, Group Corporate Affairs

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Crisis Awareness & Media Training, INTERTANKO, April 2009 & October 2008

"Thank you for all your hard work preparing such stimulating and instructive workshops for our Greek and Singapore members. Your presentation, “Managing Your Company’s Reputation at Times of Crisis,” was engaging and practical, allowing participants to take away and apply tools and techniques to meet the information requirements of all those involved. The ensuing workshop was also excellent - the win for the day was seeing the increased confidence and strengths with which participants managed and delivered both telephone and television interviews. Three sell-out days (with a waiting list) plus some excellent feedback means that we’re now planning how to continue to deliver the same session to other ship owners and operators around the world."

Bill Box, Communications Manager, Intertanko, October 2008 (Greece) & April 2009 (Singapore)

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ECRO Training, Emergency Management Services, RasGas Company Limited, March 2009

"From March 7 to March 11, 2009 RasGas EMS department engaged Kim Barbero for Emergency Control Room Operator Training and I have heard nothing but praise from all who attended the ECRO Training. Kim and Jocelyn Fraser were well prepared with the wealth of knowledge and command on the subject. The sessions were well attended and everyone felt that they did a superb job, selecting thought-provoking topics, and excellent tool and techniques were also utilized to impart this training. I would like to commend both Kim and Jocelyn for conducting such a successful and a memorable training."

Liaqat Amin Satti, Head of Crisis Mgs & Business Continuity, RasGas EMS Department, March 2009

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Business Process Initiative, Shipping Department, RasGas Company Limited, February 2009

"Thank you for leading and managing a significant business project for the Shipping Department. This was our first concerted effort to formalise our daily processes and we have achieved a lot more from doing this than we originally anticipated! Your facilitation of the strategy sessions with key members of internal and key interface departments and stakeholders allowed us to streamline our processes and leverage internal synergies that will help us continuously improve and evolve our business. Your recommendations reflected the strategic mindset with which you approach your business and you stayed true to your reputation of getting the job done! It was an aggressive timeline but in three months you delivered on an initiative that could have extended well beyond a year."

Keith Trotter, Shipping Manager, Commercial and Shipping Group, RasGas Company Limited, February 2009

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A Unified Approach to Crisis Response, Shipping Department, RasGas Company Limited, September 2008

"Congratulations for leading and delivering on a very comprehensive project. The challenge we set, both in scope and time, was indeed a challenging one of which the outcome is more than we could have expected (establishing a detailed set of processes and protocols that unite eight different suppliers globally and effectively setting a new benchmark for excellence in crisis communications and media relations). The entire process from the initial planning and strategy sessions through to your familiarization workshop were extremely productive, well planned and helped unify and strengthen the attributes of our marine and corporate teams.

Your understanding and experience of the marine business and media crisis management from the sharp end ensured your recommendations and solutions enabled us to accelerate decision making when it’s needed most. Feedback from senior management, internal ERS function and our vessel operators has been excellent. Your work has helped us to protect the RasGas name and reputation and for that Commercial and Shipping thank you."

Keith Trotter, Shipping Manager, Commercial and Shipping Group, RasGas Company Limited, September 2008

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Marine Incident Communications Workshop, Emergency Management Services, RasGas Company Limited, September 2008

"Thank you for sharing your expertise with our management and emergency response teams. You have been instrumental in helping us set a new standard in crisis communications management. Your knowledge of the media, the oil and gas industry, and process planning and development, has ensured our people and systems continue to evolve and reflect best practices. Your ability to bring it all together and motivate all participants through a customized MIC workshop was excellent. I look forward to working with you as we continue to evolve and develop our emergency response requirements."

Liaqat Amin Satti, Head of Crisis Mgs & Business Continuity, RasGas EMS Department, September 2008

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Communications & PR Strategy, INTERTANKO, January 2008

"I recently spent a day with Kim brainstorming on INTERTANKO's Communications and Public Relations strategy, both long-term and short-term. Her wealth of experience in the CPR field and in the shipping industry gave her an invaluable insight into our needs. Her clear and broad thinking helped us to organise and prioritise those needs. Her insight into communication, and into public relations, as well as into the shipping industry, was important in converting those needs into a coherent strategy. Spending a whole day, uninterrupted, with a real CPR professional was a pleasure and privilege. The end result was exactly what we needed."

Bill Box, Communications Manager, Intertanko, January 31, 2008

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