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Media Training

Understanding the media environment within which you operate is an essential component of any media relations program.

Viewing the media as an integral part of your business and contingency planning will prepare and benefit your company, particularly when you are faced with more types of media than ever before. Participating in, monitoring and assessing the social media environment, as well as traditional mediums, will ensure you are proactive when it comes to evolving and protecting your company’s reputation. Remember, the media shapes public perception.

Carah Worldwide helps companies manage the media minefield by marrying media expertise with corporate experience. Carah Worldwide offers the kind of stakeholder, crisis and media awareness preparation and training that takes into consideration all that is going on behind the scenes.

A master at customizing corporate media toolkits, Carah Worldwide will ensure you have everything you need at hand to evolve and protect your brand.

"Kim is one of the most professional and knowledgeable media professionals I have encountered in close to 40 years in the industry but what makes her unique is the passion, energy, enthusiasm and pure commitment she brings to bear in even the most trying of circumstances."

Graham Westgarth, President, Teekay Marine Services, Teekay Corporation