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Kim Barbero is recognized by colleagues and peers alike for her unwavering commitment to the highest professional standards. Read what is being said about her:

"We had the pleasure of collaborating with Kim Barbero of Carah Worldwide Consulting on a series about tanker management practices in the Georgia Straight and in the waters around the Lower Mainland.

This was a very complicated and multilayered project. Kim had prepared a very efficient and well defined proposal which outlined expectations of all participants as well as the production team.

Kim facilitated all layers of the film making process in this seven part series, openly communicated with the production team and a large range of marine stakeholders.

Her project management skills are outstanding as well as her knowledge of the maritime industry. It is clear Kim is an expert in this field which made a huge difference in script development as well as her influence gaining the commitment of various stakeholders.

Kims warm personality, extensive industry knowledge, project management experience and professionalism is exactly why we would love the opportunity to work with Kim again in the future.

We would highly recommend Kim to any of our clients."

Jason Mackay - Business Development
Ryan Reynolds - Producer
On Demand Production Network -

"Kim is a rare combination of creativity and strategic thinking.  She is results focused and masterful at connecting the pieces and generating support for and alignment towards an end goal. Kim approaches each opportunity with the same passion and enthusiasm inherent with her personality."

Bjorn Moller, President & CEO, Teekay Corporation

"While Kim possesses the full array of skills and abilities normally associated with a communication department executive, she also possesses an unabashed verve for life which makes her a pleasure to work with. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Kim to any company looking for a skilled, dedicated, strategic, and energetic communication expert."

Larry Buttress, Director, Industry Practice, Real Estate Council of British Columbia

"Kim is one of the most professional and knowledgeable media professionals I have encountered in close to 40 years in the industry but what makes her unique is the passion, energy, enthusiasm and pure commitment she brings to bear in even the most trying of circumstances."

Graham Westgarth, President, Teekay Marine Services, Teekay Corporation

"How often do you as a senior leader hold up the mirror and honestly answer where you fall short of being a truly customer focused organisation? Kim's passion and experience helped us to effectively make that important and honest assessment, and more importantly gave us the tools to change the picture in the mirror!"

Kenneth Hvid, President, Teekay Navion Shuttle Tankers and Offshore