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Stakeholder Communications

Carah Worldwide is committed to understanding your business and the needs of your constituents so you receive the kind of communications support you need to really be seen and heard.

Public Relations
With all the competition out there, it can be difficult for your company to stand out in the crowd. Carah Worldwide will work with you to develop a program that positions your company center stage. Through trusted relationships with media and communications professionals around the world, Carah Worldwide will work with you to develop a strategy that raises your profile – from a media strategy to event planning and sponsorship programs.

Investor Relations Communications
Do analysts understand your company’s story? Are shareholders maintaining their confidence in your company during market highs and lows? Are you leveraging the benefits of an integrated investor relations communications program? Carah Worldwide will partner with you to deliver communications and media programs for M&As, IPOs and other significant financial initiatives.

Employee Communications & Change Management
A highly valued external brand is the result of a strong internal culture that believes in, lives by and supports those brand attributes. An internal brand strategy is often overlooked and undervalued but it is the linchpin of a successful external campaign. Ensuring your employees uphold your brand during times of change and turmoil is not only possible, it’s critical. If your organization is about to undergo a merger, acquisition, restructuring, or launch a new system that requires employee buy-in, Carah Worldwide will work with you to develop a program that leads employees through a process of awareness and understanding and, ultimately, acceptance and engagement.

Community & Advocacy Communications
Business today is about taking into account the views and needs of those who have a vested, albeit not direct, interest in the actions of your organization. It’s also about demonstrating Corporate Social Responsibility. Whether you simply monitor the sentiment, try to understand the concerns that may exist, or work together to reach a conclusion, the key is knowing and being prepared for the potential impact to your organization’s reputation. Carah Worldwide will help you assess and deliver on the information needs of those other interested stakeholders.

"I recently spent a day with Kim brainstorming on INTERTANKO's Communications and Public Relations strategy.... Her insight into communication, and into public relations, as well as into the shipping industry, was important in converting those needs into a coherent strategy.... The end result was exactly what we needed."

Bill Box, Communications Manager, Intertanko